Destination weddings

I believe in the natural escalation of things, and this is my current step. 

At the beginning of my career as a photographer, I could only have dreamt with the possibility to travel around the world doing what I love. Something that big and beautiful felt like a big responsibility for me. I wanted to be able to create something unique, to create a way to look at memories that you can feel identified with.

I strongly believe that day have arrived and now more than ever I would love to share with you what I have been developing these years. 
I can create images that take you back.

 I want to make you remember:

The Lovely chaos before the ceremony.
How your partner looked at you for the first time that day. 
How you felt during the ceremony.
The feeling of all those strong hugs you got just after getting married.
The crazyness of your loved ones celebrating with you
The reason why your feet hurt so much the day after.
… and of course all the small details that made that day UNIQUE for you. 

Carlo  Scarlet-314.JPG

Carlo & Scarlet

Can you imagine what is the result of mixing a group from different parts of the world celebrating to this pair of ramarkable examples of human beings in one of the most amazing wine valley in Chile?


Sarah & Matt

Imagine you put 40 persons in a airplane in USA and you take them 8777 km to the south. You arrive to a place sourranded by vines, mountains and a lovely sun. Would you like to see what happen after that?



This is the Love story of how this couple decided to take a 15 hours flight to celebrate their love in Casablanca Valley. Everybody who was there that day had a strong reason to be there.

Karin and Dave-302.jpg

Karin & Dave

Check soon this amazing wedding in Netherlands.