Music projects interpretation

Thanks for getting here. The fact you are on this webpage already gives me a warm feeling. Knowing that my pursuit of discovering new people with ideas, concepts, projects and passion is reaching a good place.

In the past years I have been developing a relationship with The Netherlands that have been close to art in all its forms but with music it has been something quite special.

Trio Witte Maas-4.jpg

What I would like to do …

… Is something a little bit ambitious. I want to create a link between the language of music and the visual language. Something that your future listeners can see and somehow can feel what you have for them.

S'yo Fang Octet-10.jpg


How is the process?

First, we have to meet. We are going to need between one and two hours (but I’m open to use all the time that is needed) to talk about your project. I need to understand about it. I want to see where the inspiration came from, how it began and what you want to achieve with it. I’m also going to need all the information that I can get from your project. If there is nor so much available, then I would love to be present in a rehearsal. I need to feel your music! After this, I have to go home and listen, listen and listen again to your music. Then I’ll come with ideas and a proposal for what we are going to do.

Emilio Parrilla Acoustic Band-2.jpg

The photoshoot

The locations are going to be fixed beforehand and I’ll direct the positions to get everything in the right place. I can give you some advice on what you can wear, but normally I prefer it when you use something you feel comfortable with and what goes with the vibe of the music of your project. Photoshoots normally take less than 2 hours, but as I said before, I’m open to take all the time that is needed.

Emilio Parrilla Acoustic Band-6.jpg

What’ll you get from me:

After the photoshoot I need five work days to let the photos rest to understand and process them.
Normally, I’ll give you at least 10 useful photos.
You will receive a link to download the photographs in high and low resolution with no watermarks and all the rights to use them.

Emilio Parrilla Acoustic Band-9.jpg


The investment for a photoshoot with me is €200. I’m based in Rotterdam, but I’m fully available to travel if your project requires it. But then it could be necessary to add an extra.


Would you like to have more information or you have any question?

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